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What's your business personality?

February 28, 2018

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What's your business personality?

February 28, 2018

You may not think that the colour of your brand, logo, fonts or website matter much beyond what you think looks good or like, but it is much more important that you think. It is vital to deliver consistency in terms of layout and look, avoiding confusion and delivering an elevated perception of your brand (remember, we're talking shop windows here even if you don't have a physical location). More than that, many studies have been carried out which have analysed the psychological response of people to a colour and how people perceive that colour. This should form part of your marketing strategy, identifying your business personality - what you stand for and how that should be replicated in every communication that comes from you. Once decided, this will form part of your brand and style guidelines, which will be a vital component of your digital content creation strategy.


Businesses carry out research with various digital and research agencies to advise and identify the best colours to suit their branding. Now when you're starting out, you may not necessarily have that luxury. However, it is important to include this in all of your own research before you launch your company., because you want to give your customer the feeling of a coherent and coordinated brand.


We've identified eight of the most common branding colours and what their useage is likened with:



Young and vibrant - funky/cool



Value - budget branding



Optimism - light and warmth



Calming - serenity or growth - depending on shade of green



Trusted - strength, stability and trust



Creative - imaginative, soulful



Fun - attention grabbing or sentimental - depending on the shade of pink



Classic - high end, powerful, sophistication


Consider your favourite brands for both products and services. Do you see any correlation? Do you want your website to scream budget, if you are aiming for premium brand appeal? A poorly coordinated shop window will at best confuse at worst stop people from bothering to follow on with the sales conversion process and look any further.


Whatever you decide is right for your company remember that you are trying to appeal to your audience and engender a perception about your brand. It is vital that you maintain a consistent feel to your brand and communications that are replicated across all channels.


Next steps....

From choosing the colours that represent your brand, you will already be starting to build your business personality. As always, spend some time researching and reviewing what your competitors are doing and think about what your favourite brands look like. Is there a particular style or colour that you think matches your own company's brand identity and why is that?  Consider your brand ethos. What are your brand values? Do you know? Once you have identified these, you need to ensure that they flow through every element of your marketing, into content, words, look and style. Now that doesn’t mean write everything in pink text because you have a pink logo. You still need to deliver a quality design, not put prospects off. Perception is key; especially in the world of digitisation where the majority of customer journeys start these days; even if you have a bricks and mortar store.



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