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February 28, 2018

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18 months into running a business

April 2, 2019

So its been 18 months since I officially set up my digital marketing consultancy. Time has absolutely flown by and we have had the good fortune to work with some amazing startups and established SMEs. We work with clients across the corporate, financial , fitness, lifestyle and manufacturing/producer sectors and also support a fabulous social enterprise. The best part about marketing is that the same science applies, whatever the market. 



In 18 months, we have:

  • Delivered competitor landscape reports, which have helped our client’s understand the market place they wish to launch into, which barriers to entry may exist, what the competitors activities are alongside website reviews to find the best layout based on product /service and target audience.

  • We were excited to be involved in the management of a market research project, for the launch of a new cider brand, involving an investigation into pricing sensitivity, branding engagement and purchasing behaviour.

  • We have flexed our social media muscles, managing social media accounts and placing targeted, behavioural advertising on behalf of our clients. This helps to keep their costs down and attract the right audience for their content.

  • We have written lots of content, in the shape of blogs, website content and posts and used different content from images to video.

  • Given our bid management experience, we have also advised on layout and presentation for more successful bid development.

  • Driven significant savings for clients in ROAS with an average of £3.59 per £1 spent.

Within my first year, I have had challenges with IT and the odd day when broadband has decided to go on holiday, leading to emergency dash to invest in a dongle and extra data. Best of all, is the fact that we are learning and developing our skills all of the time, not standing still being held back by pointless meetings or playing the political game. We also get to try out a lot of new platforms and there is a lot of amazing technology available to digital marketeers to use now.


We have experience across the full marketing mix as well as category management expertise. One of our favourites has to be digital marketing for the data that is available at your fingertips, which gives access to a more accurate ROAI and ROI. This is not as easy to track in traditional marketing. It is this data that allows us to see what was the most successful content for our clients accounts, and using this to design and improve future content, that will lead to an increasing engagement rate, raising brand awareness and ultimately increasing sales. We can also use technology based on keyword searches to understand how to structure content and what we should be writing about.


The most empowering part of running my own business has been harnessing the ability to say “no” and turning business down if it doesn’t feel right. Being honest and really looking at  whether it is a right fit, will it cost more to get involved in the long run and how does impact our current clients’ needs? You should always ask yourself these questions.


The journey has been fun as well as tiring. And now I’m looking forward to the next 18 months, when we start to scale the business. Plans are already in place and we're getting out sleeves rolled up. 


If you’re looking for help with your marketing, have a look around our website or get in contact to see ho we can help you with your next marketing project.



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